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E.g., 09/30/2020

Survey: What School Leavers Want in a Marketing Career

As school leavers receive their A-level results, new research by CIM sheds light on what the next generation of marketers are looking for from their future employers.

A survey of 500 young people aged 17-19, who have left school or college in the past six months, found that four in 10 (41%) are interested in a career in marketing. Around a quarter (28%) felt the best way to embark on that career was by going to university, a fifth (21%) said a trainee marketing job, and 14% thought the best route was through a marketing qualification.

5 reasons Camp America is better than any degree

Here’s5 reasons why Camp America is better than any degree you could ever study…1. It gives you the opportunity to travel

Going to camp gives you the chance to explore a new culture. Not only will you get to spend your summer in another country, but you’ll also get 30 days at the end of your visa to travel America! They say travel is the best education, and we completely agree. Travel will teach you more about this world than a degree ever could.

2. You’ll develop life skills

Why Working at a Summer Camp, is the Best Summer Internship.

So why exactly is a summer at camp so good for your CV?

Young people all over the world are starting to plan out their summer and for most students, they will be looking to sort out a summer internship, to set them above the rest. It might not come straight to mind when thinking about summer internships, but a summer working at a camp in America, could be the best way for any ambitious young adult to spend their time!

Applying to a summer camp organisation? Here's what you should know...

Applying to the right summer camp organisation is extremely important as whichever company you choose, they’ll be the ones with you from beginning to end. We understand different companies may advertise lower fees and higher salaries, but we want to ensure that you know what you’re paying for when you apply and are provided with the best experience possible.

So, here’s the questions you should ask yourselves when deciding to apply for a summer camp organisation, with a little insight about who we are as a company.

Are they a J1 Visa Sponsor?

5 Reasons Why You Should Do an Apprenticeship

Deciding what to do with your future feels stressful, especially after getting your exam results. An apprenticeship is a valid career that thousands of young people choose after their GCSE and A Level results. A great alternative to university or college, an apprenticeship could be perfect for you.

Below are some of the key reasons why you should go for an apprenticeship this year.

Earn money straight away

The top reasons why an alternative to university could benefit you

With many students beginning their university journey next month, you might be questioning whether higher education is right for you. Sure living on a diet of pizza for three years might sound appealing, but there’s a lot more to it than that and this journey isn’t for everyone.

What’s more, there are other alternatives to university which can also enrich your knowledge and propel your career in exciting directions. So if you’re undecided, read on to find out the top reasons why an alternative to university could benefit you.

1. Save money

What is an apprenticeship?

Finishing school is a big thing. You feel you need to make some important decisions about what you want to do next. It’s not always about the grades you get.

There are actually more options than just going to college or sixth form when you leave school. Apprenticeships are one way to expand your horizons after you leave school. You get to earn money as you study towards a qualification, as well as getting experience in a job.

What is an apprenticeship?

Run2 Academy wins prestigious People Development Award

Six companies are collaboratively working together to provide unique opportunities for young people in the North East of England…

The North East construction industry came together in June to see shining examples of brilliance through the Constructing Excellence North East Awards 2018. The Run2 Academy, a working group of key people from Northumbrian Water, Esh-MWH Joint Venture, MMB, Interserve, Turner & Townsend and Wood,were crowned winners of the People Development category.

How to get a career abroad

For many of us, the prospect of working abroad is an attractive thought. Perhaps you want to practise a language in another country, visit many places, or you like the idea of working in a different climate. Of course, many companies have headquarters in multiple countries but there are some careers that are focused around travelling and living abroad.