House Rules

We encourage open dialogue and debate on the Website.

Users are permitted to post to the Website subject to the following Rules which apply in addition to the Terms of Use.

In these rules, “we” are not going to uni Limited.

We may close a thread or forum at any time.

  1. Post in the correct forum and stay on topic – we may move a post to another topic or thread if we feel it is more appropriate.
  2. Language
    • Please post in the English language unless in an area of the Website where it is acceptable to do otherwise. Outside these areas always provide a translation.
    • No text speak.
    • Do not swear in posts or post images, links or attachments that contain swearing.
  3. No advertising or inappropriate links 

    Including a link to another site or resource within a post is fine as long as it is within the context of the relevant discussion:
    • Do not link to other sites or products for advertising purposes.
    • Do not post links containing referral or affiliate Ids.
    • Do not promote pyramid schemes or other Internet scams.
    • Do not link to torrent sites, pirate sites, hacker lounges or sites that host unlicensed copyright material or promote or provide an index of links for places that do. Do not ask for links to illegal downloads.
    • Do not link to sites that contain any form of pornography, swearing or items otherwise unsuitable for the underage Users.
  4. No personal attacks, bullying, harassment, inflammatory behaviour or defamatory/infringing statements
    • Personal attacks, bullying, harassment and inflammatory behaviour will not be tolerated in any area of the Website nor will posting inflammatory material specifically to provoke a negative response from someone.
    • No User may post any content that contains - racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted, pornographic, or otherwise offensive material.
    • Whilst discussion of certain social and political issues may legitimately require the use of sensitive or potentially offensive terms, outside of those limited contexts the use of such terms is not allowed on the Website.
    • We do not expect all Users to agree with all posts made by us or other Users but do require Users to show respect and sensitivity to the beliefs and views of others.
    • You must not post any material that infringes any third party rights, is in contempt of court or is defamatory of any person - if in doubt please do not post.
    Please ensure that all statements and information in your posts are accurate.
  5. Take care of your own privacy and respect the privacy of other users
    • Please remember that material posted on the Website is generally available, may remain on the Website long after you have ceased to be an active User of the Website and may be viewed by the people considering applications that you make for courses, apprenticeships and/or jobs.
    • For your own safety, please do not include any contact information (such as your email address or mobile phone number) in your posts but please remember that it may be possible to identify you via your activity on other social media sites.
    • Where a User has posted anonymously, please respect their anonymity and, if known to you, do not disclose their identity.
    • Do not include information relating to any other User or their contact details in your posts.
  6. Do not condone or encourage any illegal activity
  7. Usernames and user accounts - You must not impersonate or mimic any other User, moderator or member of our administration team.
  8. Moderation of Posts 

    All forums are moderated so your post will only appear in a forum once its has been reviewed by a moderator. 

    We reserve the right, in our absolute discretion and without liability to you to:
    • refuse to allow a post to be included in a forum;
    • to edit and/or delete material from posts at any time; and/or
    • ,to remove posts from the Website at any time.
    The moderating of posts does not relieve you of your responsibility for the content of the post.
  9. Breach of the Posting Rules 

    Any failure to comply with these Posting Rules will be a breach and we reserve the right to, as we may determine in our discretion and without liability to you:
    • to edit or delete the material posted; and/or
    • to suspend, impose restrictions on and/or terminate your account and access to the Website as a registered user.
    Our decision is final and we will not enter into any correspondence with you. 

    If you think a User is breaching any of these Posting Rules or that you are being bullied or harassed through the Website, please contact us

If you are in any doubt about terminology used in these Posting Rules please email: