10 reasons why the ACCA Apprenticeship is right for you!

Posted: 21st of April 2017 by Alicia.Collier@accaglobal.com

The ACCA trailblazer Apprenticeship offers a new alternative route into the finance and accounting profession without going to university and more importantly without the student debt! It is a great path for school leavers or anyone above the age of 16 who doesn’t feel higher education is right for them.

We want to make it easier for you to understand the benefits of an apprenticeship and to decide if it’s right for you. So we have put together ten reasons an apprenticeship may be the right choice and pathway!

1. Fewer exams, less stress

With just three exams plus a final assessment ACCA puts the focus on day-to-day experience, mentoring and putting your learning to work.

2. Earn while you learn

Starting salaries for trainee accounting technicians start from £15k

3. Pathways

World-class training, from apprentice to qualified accountant, including options to gain a degree in your further studies

4. Life balance

Work, study, live. As an apprentice, you’ll have time and money to enjoy life outside of work

5. A recognised qualification

ACCA is a respected name that future employers will take seriously

6. A universal skill-set

Every organisation deals with money and every organisation needs people who are trained manage and keep track of it

7. A broad qualification

You’ll develop a wide range of valuable business skills that extend beyond reading the numbers

8. Job security

With support, mentoring and a minimum of 12 months commitment this is your chance to focus on development

9. No debt

Unlike university, your apprenticeship is free, leaving you to focus on your development and where you want your career to go next.

10. Get ahead

Your career will be developing fast before your peers at university have even started

If you would like more information about ACCA Apprenticeships you can visit our website here or email us at apprenticeships@accaglobal.com

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