Alannah - Apprenticeship IT Customer Service

My Apprentice job summed upWorking on our busy service desk, I offer first line IT support for a large public sector client. The first line support role is to answer initial calls from customers, in my case, my client’s employees, and troubleshoot their IT issues to find a resolution, ensuring problems are resolved in a timely manner. In some cases these issues can be resolved straight away, for example resetting of system or application passwords. However, there are systems and application incidents which cannot be resolved over the phone. In this case my role is to gather information specific and relevant to this problem, provide a reference to the customer and refer the problem to colleagues in another team, to investigate further and resolve the issue.What Impact do you feel you’ve had since joining?I have been able to apply my knowledge from my apprenticeship training in order to help myself and others during work. I learned about specific systems commonly used by customers and expanded my understanding of them, which means I have developed a good understanding of issues which can affect our customers and how to resolve these. This is helpful in work as I can share this knowledge with colleagues who haven’t been on these courses and discuss the content further with apprentices who have.What have you learned since starting your apprenticeship?Since starting my apprenticeship at Atos my confidence has increased dramatically. Working with a variety of apprentices, colleagues and customers has brought me out of my shell. I have also become a lot more organised since starting my apprenticeship due to having to meet specific deadlines and attend courses and team meetings. When leaving school, I was unsure of what career I wanted to start in however Atos and the apprenticeship have shown me a variety of opportunities expanding my future ideas and options whilst giving me a starting platform.

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