Annabel's Story

Posted: 16th of October 2018 by

“I never wanted to go to university. I always wanted to do an apprenticeship and start earning money and going up the career ladder.”

“I’m a finance apprentice training to be an assistant accountant. I enjoyed GCSE maths and knew I’d enjoy doing something with numbers. But I didn’t know anything about accounting before I joined.  When I came for my interview I really liked it. I thought I need to go here.

When I joined, I didn’t think I’d be doing the work and have the responsibilities I have. My manager trusts me to do things and is very helpful. She mentors me and whenever I’m stuck on anything or want her to check something, she’ll come over and help me.

I’m also studying a CIMA qualification and have study days at college to help me with my exams. I want to carry on with my studies after the scheme and become a fully qualified accountant. I like working for Morrisons and getting involved in the charity work.”

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