Apprentices at Unilever Overview

As part of an ongoing commitment to youth employability Unilever UK and Ireland is now training over 200 apprentices. There are roles in business and technology, supply chain and engineering, and research and development. We asked some of our amazing apprentices what they thought of the programme:

"So I applied for the Unilever apprenticeship as it allowed me to get work experience and recognised qualifications working for a multinational company"

"I decided an apprenticeship would probably be a better option for me as I wasn't sure whether I wanted to go to university so I thought being able to be in a working environment as well as being able to get a qualification was a good idea."

"I found so far i really appreciate learning on the job because for me you getting hands-on and you're learning through experience rather than learning from a textbook "

"I think it's definitely a worthwhile route to take if you're thinking about going to university because you still get to get your degree but you also get a good wage, and you get the experience which is priceless."

"Anything I do is sort of there to stay. I create websites that are used by these global brands. Working in an area like digital services we're always going to be sort of at the cutting edge of the business."

"I was really pleased to see that you live all offering me an additional development opportunity to get a professional qualification and really grow in HR as a function."

"At the end of the apprenticeship I'd like to take my four years work experience working in different departments across different brands as well as using my chemistry knowledge from University and I'd like to apply this to a permanent job here at Unilever."

"I think for me the biggest or proudest moment is in the personal growth in the personal journey that I've been on."

"The apprenticeship changed my life as soon as I got it really. I'm always learning and I'm earning the money at the same time. Unilever's the sort of company that can offer you anything if you've got the right attitude and you can carry on and carry on."

"After finishing my apprenticeship, I'd love to actually secure a job with in Port Sunlight as an engineer. I think after that I'd like to get an engineering degree to allow me progress further within the company."

"Although I don't necessarily know what the future's going to bring, I know that whatever I do it's going to be bright because of the opportunities that I've had and because of the responsibility that has been given at Unilever, and hopefully this higher apprenticeship development opportunity will take me to some really great places."

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