Ashleigh Boden, Business & Technology Apprentice

Posted: 23rd of November 2017 by Parisha Mistry

“I applied for an Apprenticeship with Unilever as I have always been passionate about IT and wanted to go into a career that was different and exciting. I loved what an Apprenticeship could offer me and all the benefits of the scheme.

When I went into an Apprenticeship, a lot of my family thought I would be the ‘tea lady’ but they were far from wrong.   I am involved in major projects and pieces of work which play a vital part in the role my team play within Unilever and I’m gaining valuable work experience in a global organisation.

I love meeting new people, from new Apprentices, to the team I work in, to external vendors like IBM and Microsoft. I also love that each day is completely different and I am always learning something new about the business.

I was given some valuable advice from a member of my team which was that everyone makes mistakes and while you’re an Apprentice, you’re going to make more than a few of them. But this is a chance to grow yourself, don’t take it to heart as making the mistakes now as an Apprentice will only make you a better employee in the future”

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