Be Wiser Apprentice Questions - Daniel Webb


Daniel Webb

Job Title

Sales Consultant



Where do you live?


What school/college did you attend?

Stonehenge School

Salisbury College

Why did you choose Be Wiser?

I knew some friends who were already working within the company and had heard that the pay and hours were very competitive. I also heard that Bewiser are a company willing to train up staff and help them develop and progress within the business.

If you had not done an apprenticeship with BW, what would have been the alternative/were you considering another career?

I had originally applied to join the Army, and even attended a training centre.

What have you studied/learnt to date?

I have completed my Insurance Fundamentals (IF1) exam and have completed my Functional skills English, as I did not receive a grade C or above at GCSE level.

What qualifications did you have before starting your apprenticeship?

I had completed an NVQ in Plumbing whilst I studied at Salisbury College. I also had GCSE English and Maths at a grade D, so the Apprenticeship has allowed me to gain a higher grade in these core subject areas.

What do you like the most about your apprenticeship?

I like that the Apprenticeship has given me a “second chance” and that I can gain experience and qualifications whilst working a full time job. It is a great opportunity to learn more and develop all sorts of skills such as communication skills and update your Maths and English.

Once you have completed your apprenticeship what are you career plans?

I would be interested in continuing my studies of Insurance Fundamentals and would like to pursue further training and a career within this industry. Potentially the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Insurance.

What advice would you give someone that maybe considering an apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship is a win, win situation; it gives you the opportunity to gain a free qualification, get paid and gain valuable work experience.

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