Ben Goss, 20, joined The Training Room straight from sixth form in September 2011

Posted: 30th of November 2016

Ben has always had a flair for fitness and was actively interested in the subject at school.  He studied GCSE PE and A Level PE and spent plenty of time in the gym.  Ben didn’t like the idea of going to university and was worried about the debt he would accumulate.   A local gym was seeking staff and advised Ben that if he gained a Level 3 personal trainer qualification he would be considered for the job.

Ben opted for the e-Learning course at The Training Room as that suited his lifestyle.  “I really liked the home study option as I was already used to independent studying from my A Level courses and was happy with the idea of e-learning and using the technology to research, learn, submit work and receive support and comments from my online tutor,” says Ben.  “The course was quite intense but  my A Level PE gave me a distinct advantage!”

Ben started his e-learning course in September 2011 and qualified as a personal trainer in January 2012 and walked straight into the gym job.

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