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Hey guys, I'm Chloe and I'm the apprentice for the 4Talent team at Channel 4. 4Talent is the outreach side of channel 4 and so we go into schools and do talks and also go to careers fairs, where we inform the young people about the opportunities available at Channel 4.

My job varies greatly. First off I'm a PA to my manager, so I manager her diary and book all of her meetings. We travel a lot for the 4Talent days so my job also involves helping to book all of our travel when we have one coming up. I also help shortlist for the work experience scheme that we run, so I get to help choose who gets to come in and to which department.

Highlights of my job:

  • I love helping organise and facilitate all of the events
  • that we host, both at Channel 4 and across the U.K.
  • Engaging with and inspiring young people
  • Travelling
  • Working with a great teamwho share the same passion as me - to help advise young people on how to pursue their careers dream.
  • My advice to you... I honestly believe that anyone can make it in their chosen career field, as long as they're passionate and have the right skills for the job. You don't need to be connected; you just need to be determined. Don't let anyone tell you, you can't do something, instead let their negativity motivate you to work harder in order to prove them wrong.

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