C4 Stories What really goes on behind the scenes? James Barry

I'm James, I'm 18, and worked as an apprentice in the Online team! Being young, the internet and online content has always been an integral part of my life. I have always had a burning desire to follow the development of digital technologies and apply my creativity to the many worlds of online! Channel 4 and online are the perfect marriage, breaking boundaries digitally, and discovering new and unique ways to apply C4's ethics to numerous digital platforms.

Every day is different. Nobody could second guess the new challenges we are going to be faced with and the exciting online opportunities Channel4 has to offer. With such unique content, the possibilities for digital programme support are endless. How exciting! Before my role at C4 I began studying at sixth form, despite finding school a fantastic social hub (the incorrect reasons for school I know!) I almost felt restricted and found little room for my inner creativity to flourish. I wanted to take an idea and run with it. I have a strong passion for the media and unfortunately found that for me, school wasn't fulfilling it. I wanted to stick at it, almost as a safety blanket until something more suited to my working became available, which fortunately was just around the corner.

Previous work experience placements at Channel 4 secured and reassured me that I wanted to be a part of the many adventures that they had to offer. Networking with a variety of Channel 4's friendly faces made me eager to stay in touch and progress with my dream. Keeping up to date with 4Talent's endless windows of opportunity, I began to apply for the apprenticeship schemes; it was a direct way of entering the media industry, learning on the job and interacting with a huge selection of people from across the media sector. For me, it sounded perfect. Hard work, plenty of planning, creativity and determination had secured me with a position at Channel 4.

Whilst being an apprentice, I have worked on the set of Made in Chelsea and spent a day shadowing our continuity announcers, if somebody told me this a year ago I would have laughed at them.

After completing my apprenticeship with 4 in October, I have begun freelancing here, covering for the genre assistant in entertainment. This is providing me with valuable on the job experience whilst allowing me to build relationships with new and inspiring industry specialists.

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