Cadet Fred works in Australia

Fred Reading, 21, ended up in Australia after graduating from the first phase of UKSA’s Professional Yacht Cadetship. He originally went to the South of France to look for work in time-honoured fashion, but got offered a job Down Under.

It was an incredible opportunity, working on a privately owned boat which was rented out to a science foundation, which took scientists out to study. It specialised in diving trips and had a deep compression chamber onboard, which led to Fred gaining his chamber operators certificate.

He worked on the boat in Sydney and on diving trips to the Great Barrier Reef, the Soloman Islands and Pilau – arguably among the most beautiful diving destinations in the world.

Fred originally got a career development loan so he could undertake his initial training at UKSA, and since then his wages have been going towards paying it off. As part of his Cadetship he is also undertaking a foundation degree. He recently returned to UKSA for his Phase Three training.

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