Callum Leslie- Work Experience at ISS

Name: Callum Leslie

Placement: Communications

Age: 15

“The school gave me a number of choices, the ISS placement stood out to me as I can see myself working in an office environment when I’m older.”

“I did my placement in communications, some of the tasks I was faced with included writing articles. One of the articles was on the ISS education team who won a baking contest, the article was put up on the newly developed ISS app. The other article I did was for the monthly magazine for all ISS employees to read, it centred on our work experience within ISS.”

“The best part of the placement was meeting new people and working as a team within the company, I enjoyed the work I was set as I found it quite challenging.”

For Callum his work experience has given him a clearer idea of a possible career and provided him with an insight into an industry that he had never heard of before, Callum would offer the following advice - “Go in to a placement with an open mind.”

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