Carolina Lopato Ricorico - Asset Management with AECOM

Carolina Lopato Ricorico

Team: Asset Management (Asset Advisory)

Office: Aldgate Tower - London

Apprenticeship Level: 6

Studying: Building Surveying, London South Bank University

Hello, I’m Carolina and I work within the Asset Management Team at AECOM in our Aldgate Tower office in London. Alongside my work I’m studying a level 6-degree apprenticeship in Building Surveying at the London South Bank University.

Why did you choose AECOM?

I chose to join AECOM because when I had my interview, the people that hired me were really inspiring and showed an image of the company that I was not expecting at all. A company that supports women as a vital part of the Construction Industry and encourages them to make an impact. As a feminist person, that was essential in my decision. Also, the wide spectrum of opportunities from many different aspects that you have once you start working, gave me the push I needed to decide to become an AECOM employee.

What team do you work for and what does your role entail?

I work for the Asset Management Team. We are a multidisciplinary Team distributed over 3 offices; Croydon, Basingstoke and Aldgate. We are engineers and surveyors that provide a streamlined and complete services. We help our clients with expert advice in condition surveys, feasibility, design, procurement and contract administration. As a Surveyor, I had the opportunity to undertake the role of Contract Administrator in some projects and help in the design stage of some refurbishment projects. I even deal with clients alongside my Senior Team members, learning how to manage every kind of situation.

What technical skills have you developed?

Since I joined AECOM, I started as an active member of the CAD team, allowing me to have a better perspective of every aspect in the design process. Little by little I started to undertake more surveying tasks and responsibilities as a Building Surveyor. I had the great opportunity of working with the Architecture Team and the Façade Engineering Team in different projects for almost a year, which gave me an understanding of how different departments in the same company approach different issues. That was a massive learning curve in my development. In almost 4 years, I have developed my time management and communication skills among others and every day that I spend working closely with my colleagues I am able to see and apply the importance of the accuracy and high standards we strive to achieve.

What are your career aspirations and how will the AECOM Apprentice programme help you achieve these?

Hopefully, in less than 2 years, I will sit my APC and pass it, becoming a Chartered Surveyor. From that, I would also like to combine my role as a Chartered Surveyor with RICS with mentoring other apprentices that join the programme to help them to get the most out of it. I believe with the right support AECOM is a great company to progress professionally and make a brilliant impact.

What is the social side of working for AECOM like?

When I started at AECOM I did not know anyone. I would not naturally go and approach people that I did not know. We recently acquired URS and so not everybody knew each other, but the SSC (Sport and Social Club) and their events helped me to integrate myself and make my induction process in the company interesting. I am part of the ALECS (Aldgate London Early Careers Society) Committee and that allows me to meet different people within the company and enjoy other aspects in a more relaxed and friendly environment, not just work related.

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