Daisy- DHL Supply Chain Management Apprenticeship


About Me:

Hi I’m Daisy, a supply chain management apprentice at DHL, also studying at Aston University for my BSc in Supply Chain Management. I work in Solutions Design, more specifically the transport team, based in Daventry. I studied A-Levels in Business, Fine Art and Product Design, before deciding that I wanted to pursue an apprenticeship relating to Business and Supply Chain. Also whilst studying for my A-Levels I was working part time in a local pub as Staff Team Leader.

Why an Apprenticeship?

I have always wanted to go into an apprenticeship, rather than going to University as I prefer working on the job and gaining experience and knowledge rather than devoting all my time to studying. However with this scheme I am on, alongside the apprenticeship, I spend 20% of my time completing my degree. 

Why did DHL Apprenticeships appeal to you?

The apprenticeship advert caught my eye when I was looking for jobs, because of the vast amount of experience I would gain whilst working and studying. Also from what I previously knew, I recognised DHL as a very reputable company, where you can fully develop your skills and grow into new positions and roles over time. This was very important to me in my search and DHL’s apprenticeship ticked all of my personal criteria.

What do you enjoy about your Apprenticeship?

Every day is so different and I am constantly learning and taking on board new ideas. All of the training courses are so informative and have helped me progress within my role. Also meeting lots of new people who have many years of experience, help me day to day. I really enjoy visiting all of the sites, learning more and more about the business and operations.

What has been your highlight so far?

So far my highlight has been visiting the different sites and experiencing all of the automation working within the warehouses. Visiting the sites has helped me understand the operations of DHL and see how versatile the business is.

What advice would you give to people thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are the perfect way to get ahead in whatever industry you are looking to go into. Especially for me in logistics, the experience and knowledge you gain on the job is unmatched to any university experience learning from textbooks. At DHL, as an apprentice, I feel like part of the team and am treated no different to any of my employees, which has helped me settle in and build bonds and relationships with fellow colleagues. I love my role at DHL as it is such an exciting and innovative company to be a part of, and as an apprentice you get the best of both worlds of gaining valuable work experience alongside studying for either a degree or higher qualification.