Dale Power Solutions - Brathay challenge - Natasha Pitts

25% of Dale Power Solutions workforce are either an apprentice or a former apprentice, which demonstrates the successful careers apprenticeships can have.This week, award winning apprentice Natasha Pitts interviews former apprentice Matt Speight, currently a sales manager at Dale Power Solutions.Interview to a former apprentices at Dale Power

Apprentice Name:Natasha Pitts

Former Apprentice Name:Matt Speight

Date Interview:20/01/14 Date Due:- Friday 31st January 2013


1. Why did you take on an apprenticeship?

Applied for college to do engineering, and then applied for an apprenticeship as well, to five or six companies, 4 interviews, followed by 2 job offers. Preferred Dale over the other company that offered me an apprenticeship.

2. What is your current role in the company and how did you get there?

Sales Manager, some UK and export accounts. To start with I worked in test and applied for a job in tendering, tendering job was to be made redundant so took a sales position instead.

3. How many years have you been at Dale Power Solutions?

91-2000, 9 years and 2002-present 12 years, overall 21 years in total.

4. Where did you do your apprenticeship?

Dale, in Houchin wiring to start with followed by, panel wire, plant wire, test and some engineering to complete the HNC qualification.

5. What discipline did you do your apprenticeship in?

Electrical, Wiring and Test, to HNC Level.

6. What did you most enjoy about your apprenticeship?

Getting paid and training at the same time, the apprenticeship course was the same course at college I applied for full time but I wouldn’t have got paid or employer support, like I have from the apprenticeship route. First year full time at college, followed by part time day release, for the next 3 years.

7. Why would you recommend an apprenticeship?

The cost to get equivalent training is so much higher, and it is very hard to get the work experience. I would recommend getting an apprenticeship as soon as possible after school or college.

8. Do you have any advice for those looking into apprenticeships?

If you know the subject area, apply to all the local companies who employ staff in those areas, even if they don’t advertise for apprenticeships. Apply for the apprenticeship early,

January or February of the intake year. If you’re not sure of your subject area apply for a wide variety of apprenticeship options.

9.Give one piece of advice to apprentices and future apprentices.
Once you get an apprenticeship, knuckle down and don’t waste the opportunity which you have been given.

The interviews have been conducted as part of the Brathay challenge and in build up to National Apprenticeship Week (3– 7 March 2014 ).

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