Deborah Halili - Digital Marketing Apprentice @ The Inform Team

What led you to do an apprenticeship?

I wanted to learn. Learn skills that would improve my professional capabilities and provide me with a set of tools that would set me apart. Learn skills that I could then confidently apply with great knowledge to a business. For me, this could only be done if I could see the inside of a business, and understand the importance of taking part in projects, learning from different people with different seniorities, with different experiences.

What goal were you trying to achieve?

I'd like to say it has always been morally important for me to provide my workplace with skills that are invaluable. My goal was to learn new skills that I could apply to my job. Another was to get out of my comfort zone, and do something that seemed daunting in the context of my career.

What benefits did the apprenticeship offer over other upskilling and academic courses?

The apprenticeship offered me live - constant contact - with many exemplary professionals. I'm learning new things from them every day.

How does the programme blend learning with the role you have?

The learning and implementation of that learning began from my very first day. Every video, seminar, or live class that I'm provided in feeds into my daily work.

What did you like most about the programme?

One of the aspects of the programme that I am very appreciative of is the support. Whether that is from my workplace mentor or Just IT mentor. Someone is always available to give you a wealth of knowledge. You just have to ask. The live classes I've had in preparation for my exams have also been a highlight throughout the apprenticeship. The Just IT trainer, is well prepared and makes it very easy to follow. I also really enjoy the structure of the programme, from the beginning you're aware of what journey you're going to take and the learning and working go hand in hand.

What are the main things you have achieved through the programmes?

I'm in my 5th month, but my confidence in applying the skills I'm learning into my workplace has grown immensely. You can tell that both sides are hugely involved and that they want you to succeed. I've learnt a wealth of digital marketing knowledge already, and seeing marketing strategies unravel before you in the workplace, and to be a part of them, is something that has helped me learn even more.

Would you recommend apprenticeships and why?

I couldn't recommend them enough. The common misconception is that they're only for school leavers and that is not the case. If you want to learn while on the job, meet new people, gain new knowledge and skills and be able to apply them on live cases, then I definitely recommend apprenticeships.

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