Didn't get the grades to go to uni - now I lead a team of 6 Digital IT Apprentices

Dan Hale

Platform Operations Team Leader


The main benefit in doing an apprenticeship over a university route, is getting business experience whilst gaining qualifications and earning money. For me, you do not learn how a business works by going to college, being in the mix and diving in at the deep end is invaluable.

As an apprentice, you have potential to make a massive impact to the business, the stigma of making tea for everyone is simply not true. I am a degree apprentice and lead a team of 6 other apprentices, providing support to key clients: Amazon; Microsoft; Google and Samsung.

Before I started my apprenticeship, I did not imagine it would be possible to be in the position I am now. My advice to teachers and parents is to let young people know there are more options than university or going straight in to employment. Inform them on the various routes available to them and stamp out the stigma of apprentices. My parents were key influencers in my decision and so supportive.

After secondary school, I went on to do ‘A’ level’s. Unfortunately, I didn’t achieve the grades and university was no longer on the horizon. I was stuck in limbo, unsure what to do next when I found out about apprentices. I always had an interest in technology, it’s a profession I feel is respected and fast-paced, and I would be lying if I said the money didn’t attract me.

When leaving sixth form I was not even aware an apprenticeship was available. My parents influenced my decision; I was encouraged to go for an apprenticeship.

‘Before I started an

apprenticeship, my future

career looked bleak, the

apprentice scheme has turned

that around’

I joined a 12-month course at Cambridge Regional College for Bango, as an Associate Engineer. I have now been at Bango for nearly 5 years, progressing to a Platform Operations Team Leader and have completed levels 3 and 4 of my apprenticeship. I amcurrently in the middle stages of levels 5 and 6, and on completion I’ll gain my degree.

‘My aspiration for the future is to be in a senior management position

as an expert in my chosen field.’


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