Dominic Cordara - Actuarial Analyst Apprentice

Posted: 12th of July 2016 by Anonymous

Dominic Cordara

Role: Actuarial Analyst Apprentice

Employer: Aon Hewitt

Location: Hertfordshire

“There is never a dull moment in my job and the apprenticeship allows me to mould my own future because of the infinite number of opportunities available to me.”

An actuarial apprenticeship was the perfect fit for Dominic Cordara. Here Georgina Jenkins at the IFoA speaks to Dominic about studying for the CAA whilst gaining experience from the huge variety of people he works with.

Dominic, what made you decide to do an apprenticeship?

Well, I think that in an industry such as consulting, having experience in the workplace and learning on the job is more beneficial to me and my career than having a degree.

What subjects did you enjoy most at school?

At school, maths was always my strongest subject, right from infant school to A-Levels. I loved the feeling of accomplishment having completed a calculation. I also felt that maths was the best and easiest subject to revise for since you know whether you are right or wrong – there is always a final answer.

What would you say to young people considering an apprenticeship?

Go for it! Personally, I was always keen to go into the workplace from school and get my career underway - I was confident I wanted a career with numbers. An actuarial apprenticeship was the perfect fit – I can use my maths skills day to day and continue studying, via the CAA professional qualification. All this whilst gaining experience of a workplace environment and learning from my colleagues, the perfect combination!

Had you heard of the actuarial profession before you decided on your career path?

Before applying for my apprenticeship at Aon I had not heard of the actuarial profession, so I investigated the term ‘actuary’. Now that I am working in the retirement and investment department at Aon I have a better overall understanding of the role and because of this, when people ask me what it is I do, I describe my job as financial risk management.

How did you hear about the apprenticeship at Aon Hewitt?

I found the apprenticeship I am doing on the government’s apprenticeship website. I think it is a brilliant place to advertise all actuarial apprenticeships (or any apprenticeship for that matter) since it is the initial place that schools and colleges tell students to look and I know that it is the place I searched for apprenticeships most.

Do you think you will go onto complete the CAA professional qualification?

Yes, I would definitely like to complete the CAA since it is globally recognised. With this qualification I have so much scope to either build upon my current actuarial career, take my qualification into a different country or even transfer my skills into a different area of work. It’s a brilliant and challenging way to progress myself and build my career at such a young age.

If you’re thinking university might not be right for you, but you love maths and the idea of work then contact the IFoA to find out more about the CAA professional qualification and apprenticeship: or 0207 632 2137

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