Ellie’s Apprenticeship Success Story!

The thought of working in a new office with busy professionals is a scary concept for most individuals. Ellie Henry, ex-apprentice, now current employee at Digital Skills Solutions has shared her experience - showing how an apprenticeship is the perfect way to gain confidence and take advantage of endless opportunities.

In 2016 Ellie started her career at Digital Skills Solutions in an operations support role, studying the Business Analyst Apprenticeship.

We asked Ellie “What are the benefits of an Apprenticeship?”, without hesitation, she immediately answered that the concept of earning a monthly salary while learning and gaining a valuable qualification is a great advantage; and getting relevant work experience in an office or within your chosen field, picking up real-life experiences and skills which is not an option at University.

As many of you already know, when applying for a job, previous work experience is almost always asked for. This is something that Ellie was more than aware of and helped make her decision easier when deciding to start an Apprenticeship over University.

Ellie explained that without much experience she wasn’t sure what course she would have studied had she gone to University, combined with the uncertainty of student loans and additional debt that would mount up over time. Especially if the course selected wasn’t right, which would have left her in a position that was not desired.

Ellie expressed how much her IT skills had improved over the duration of the Apprenticeship, which means she is now confident with packages such as Microsoft office or dealing with the external IT support company, as well as completing a variety of internal hardware jobs.

Ellie’s greatest achievements to date is being awarded apprenticeship of the month and being selected to present to the Minister of Apprenticeships at the House of Commons in 2017. This incredible opportunity allowed her confidence to grow, but also got her invited back for several other big Apprenticeship events held in London.

As you can see, Apprenticeships play a big part in skills development and career progression if taken seriously. If an apprenticeship is something that you might be interested in, please call us on 020 8532 3400 or email apprenticeships@digitalskillsuk.com to find out more!

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