Emma Lawson- Work Experience with ISS

Name: Emma Lawson

Placement: Healthcare, Education and Defence

Age: 15

“It has been a worthwhile experience where I have picked up skills that I didn’t have before, I am glad that I did my work experience here.”

“I worked in Healthcare, Education and Defence in the HR Department for the week. The everyday things I was being tasked to do were; payroll checking, dealing with complaints, sending and replying to emails. I was also asked to do a few references and send off contracts and offer letters, along with DBS application forms for the graduates that were joining the company soon. The tasks I completed in the week were varied and interesting.”

“The best bits of my work placement were being able to feel part of the company. The people within my department were very welcoming.I also really enjoyed being responsible for making sure things were finished.”

Emma thoroughly enjoyed her work experience, more so because she had to overcome a lack of confidence -

“I thought I wasn’t going to be able to complete the tasks I was given. However throughout the week I found that I could and I did complete all tasks set.” This left Emma feeling a huge sense of accomplishment by the end of the week.

Emma would advise anyone considering work experience with ISS on the following - “Think about the placement itself and what it could offer you as well as whether you will enjoy it. Also, try to avoid going somewhere with your friends as you will not get the full experience.”

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