Ethan - Controlling Apprentice - Dunstable

What attracted you to Essity?

Essity interested me due to the size of the company, having the opportunity to further develop my skills and progress within a business is important. Essity is such a large company and I feel that there is the potential to do this.

What was your background prior to joining Essity?

Before joining Essity I was a student studying A-Levels. I also had a part time job at Sainsburys alongside my studies. I studied A-Level Maths, Further Maths and Business and Economics.

What has been the highlight of your programme so far?

In my first two months, I had the opportunity to attend a new product launch which was a good day. It allowed me to meet new people within the company and help develop my knowledge of the business. The day took place at an external venue, and as the whole experience was again new for me, I had a good time getting out of the office and experiencing broader business initiatives.

What advice would you give for somebody considering an apprenticeship?

I would say for anyone looking to do an apprenticeship that, you must do the research within that industry. This is because for some lines of work in order to be successful you need the appropriate qualifications which may only be available through university courses. Before beginning an apprenticeship, you need to make sure that the qualifications you will gain from the end of it are ones that are sought after and ones that will allow you to be successful. I would also say that doing an apprenticeship takes a lot more commitment than people may think, some people see it as an easier option over going to university however this isn’t the case as you must maintain a healthy balance between your workload and your studies. My advice would be to make sure you know exactly what the apprenticeship involves and that it is something that you want to do.

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