Georgia’s apprenticeship - The parent and apprentice perspective

The first year of my apprenticeship has been amazing – I’ve been involved in so many things, and the experience has really shaped who I am as a person.

The world of work was completely new to me as I was straight out of school when I began my apprenticeship. I was a little apprehensive to start this new chapter in life. But throughout the course of my first day at WSP, I got to know my team and quickly began to feel at ease. I was even invited to the ‘first day of every month social drinks’!

From day one of my apprenticeship, I got to work on a live project. I was assigned to work on parking enhancements at rail stations in Yorkshire. To start with, I was trained in how to safely work beside railway tracks, and then I graduated onto site visits to rail stations across Yorkshire. Once I’d been shown the ropes, there was no stopping me.

The highlight of my career to date (I think it will be the highlight for a long time!) is the Brathay Apprentice Challenge - the search for the Apprentice Team of the Year. As part of the challenge, my team visited schools and career fairs, spreading the word about apprenticeships and the benefits they bring. I took on an additional role by volunteering to write up the report of all the activities and work our team completed for the challenge. It was a lot of work but it paid off! I was one of three members of my team chosen to attend the announcement of the finalists at the Houses of Parliament, where we learned that we were among the eight teams that had made it into the final.

The final was held in Windermere. It involved participation in team work activities, orienteering in the hills, and rowing on Lake Windermere - with me as head steerer of course. Although my team didn’t win overall, it was amazing to get into the final and we learned so much about each other. We started the challenge as colleagues and we finished it as friends.

To top off my year, I ended up winning the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation Yorkshire and the Humber Apprentice of the Year! In the second year of my apprenticeship, I hope to win more awards, and to move onto my degree. I really recommend the apprenticeship scheme to school leavers – it’s a great way to kick off your career.

John Woloszczak Georgia’s father Since Georgia started her apprenticeship with WSP, she has developed personal skills like learning to get on with others, working in a team, motivating oneself, using initiative and developing selfunderstanding when assisting at home.

The apprenticeship with WSP has given Georgia other personal skills that she may not have attained while continuing full time education. These include the practical experiences of earning a salary, managing money, opening bank accounts, and having to time personal holidays to fit in with the needs of her department.

WSP appears to be very rewarding for her, and has given her a greater maturity and responsibility than I would have expected. I will be sharing some aspects of what I have seen in my daughter’s development with management at my own company – I think they could learn from this.

I would certainly recommend any parent to support their child in an apprenticeship when they consider options for further or continued education. Especially with a company such as WSP, which strongly promotes personal development.

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