Greg Wolverson Talks about Capgemini Programme

Posted: 1st of October 2013

I’m Greg Wolverson, I’m 19 and I live in Wheaton Aston in Staffordshire.

I went to Wolgarston High School where I achieved 13 GCSE’s and 3 A-levels. During my time at school I became more and more interested in IT and decided I wanted to pursue a career within the industry. However, it wasn’t until my final year that I began to look into software development and engineering; I have always been intrigued by how things work and come together. After looking into software development further I really wanted to begin a career within that area, that’s when I found the incredible opportunity Capgemini were offering.

For me the programme was a once in a lifetime opportunity, not only the fact that it was so specific; they were offering an intense training programme, a sponsored degree and also the opportunity to build many new relationships and travel globally. I knew this programme was definitely the right path for me and I knew there were no other schemes like it, being able to learn and earn at the same time is great and also the fact that we have so much support and guidance from very experienced people throughout the company is such a big help.

Although the Capgemini programme is such a great opportunity, I know it will be very hard work. So far the technical training has been tough, but I feel I’m definitely learning lots and taking as much as I can from this opportunity. I enjoy learning new things, especially within an area I’m so keen to learn and be successful in. I have already found success personally, being able to code basic applications that work and also just learning so much and feeling that I am progressing every day.

I am looking forward to becoming part of the team and gaining real-world experience; I cannot wait get involved with real projects and put my new skills to use in a live environment. Also I’m very much looking forward to starting the degree work and furthering my academic qualifications.

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