Hannah Melton, Business Admin Apprentice


My name is Hannah Melton and I’m 17 years old. I am working as a Learner Engagement Apprentice where I talk to young people in the North West of the country and assist them to get an Apprenticeship. I chose to do an Apprenticeship because I was at sixth form and didn’t like not gaining any work experience. We did a careers day at school where they told us the options that didn’t involve going to university. Apprenticeships were explained to me and I loved the idea of still gaining a qualification while being independent and gaining experience in the workplace. I was also interested in the prospects of being able to set up my career. I love doing this Apprenticeship because I get to talk to loads of people that I wouldn’t normally get to speak with. I also enjoy the fact that I am actively helping to improve someone else’s future career prospects. I think that completing the Apprenticeship will allow me to gain a better job in the future because I will be more qualified than a lot of other people my age, as well as having the qualification to back up what I have learnt from doing the Apprenticeship.

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