Harry Jenkins - recently completed the Business Administration Apprenticeship and achieved a Distinction

I thoroughly enjoyed my level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship, and I would recommend taking on an apprenticeship. The course enabled me to carry out my normal day to day role whilst studying for a qualification, which allowed me to gather a fantastic insight and better understanding into the workings of our department. (especially as I was entirely new to the civil service).

The apprenticeship gave me a fantastic understanding of how we are organised, manage our stakeholder relationships, and it allowed me to gain a better understanding our internal/external policies.

On a more personal level, the course also gave me the opportunity to reflect on my interpersonal skills and to develop my communication skills/ techniques. The mix of studying whilst working, was fantastic for my development and I was able to dedicate my Friday afternoons to solely study and work on my assignments.

My apprenticeship course also included the chance to work on a project, and I was fortunate enough to work and lead on a Space Sector Export Academy, a programme which offered a cohort of 10-15 Small Space and Technology businesses, insights into the Australian Market which has a high potential for exports for the UK Sector.

For my project I was able to develop the skills to design an effective website, and I was able to work with relevant industry partners to deliver workshop sessions for the Cohort.

Overall, the apprenticeship was a great success and I managed to achieve a Distinction; I am now looking at furthering my education with a higher-level apprenticeship.


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