Harry Lowton - IT Technician Apprentice

Since completing his apprenticeship Harry has developed his career further. He is now working as a System Centre Specialist and is looking to start employing his own team of apprentices.

Now you have completed your apprenticeship how have you found it has helped you in your career?

It has helped me by giving me experience in working with an instructor as well as working within an IT business, with the IT academy’s hybrid training model.

I was already in work but an apprenticeship was the next step for me and the doing an apprenticeship with a global company was the best experience I could have.

It was the best year in training I ever had, with both Remit and SoftwareOne.

Did Remit help you to find a placement/employer?


Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I wanted to move to London and found that the apprenticeship was the best route to boost my career and get me the skills I needed.

Did you consider going to College / University? If yes, why did you change your mind?

When I finished school I did not want to go to university I was done with the academic side of learning, I was the only one who didn’t sign up to UCAS.

Instead I found a job as a IT technician straight out of school after a couple of years I wanted to move up within IT and finding the apprenticeship gave me the skills and certifications to put onto my CV to progress.

Why did you choose to work in the IT industry?

I have always been passionate about IT and the challenges the industry has. It is fast moving and there is always something new to learn to advance.

What is the best thing you have learnt whilst on your programme?

The best thing I have learnt was the fact I enjoyed learning again once on the programme.

How has your new skills / knowledge helped you in your job role?

It has helped me build on the experience I have and meet people that have helped me progress my career further.

What are your career ambitions?

Being the best I can be in the niche of the industry I am in and to drive the new apprenticeship team in PowerOn Platforms.

How has your apprenticeship made an impact on you personally? i.e. confidence

The biggest impact on me was I met a lot of great people throughout my apprenticeship and gave back on what I did in an apprenticeship by being a Microsoft Apprenticeship Ambassador.

State three words to describe your apprenticeship

Rewarding, Career progression.

Would you like to be involved in the National Apprenticeship Awards?


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