I'm working as an aircraft mechanic with the Red Arrows

“I am an Aircraft Mechanic on the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team - the Red Arrows – based at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire.

“I left education at the age of 17 after finishing my first year of A-Levels and deciding education was no longer for me. Two years later and I am working as an aircraft mechanic with the Red Arrows – a job I could only dream about when I was younger.

“After applying to join the RAF I completed a 10 week basic training course at RAF Halton, which taught me standard military skills and set me up for the next stage of my career. To ensure I was ready for my first official posting as an Aircraft Mechanic, I also completed a six month trade training course which taught me the technical side of my job – allowing me to get hands-on with aircraft for the first time. You are taught everything from the very basics, so don’t require an engineering background.

“I was posted straight to the Red Arrows at the end of my training, which was a complete shock but a posting that I was very happy with. I currently travel all over the world with the team and am mainly involved in the servicing of the aircraft, while also getting the opportunity to fix the famous aircraft alongside the engineers when I am required.

“My family are really proud that I decided to join the RAF and my dad loves that I am part of the Red Arrows, so is forever talking about it or posting things on social media!”

“In the future I want to continue to travel with the RAF – both overseas and around the UK. I am only 19, so still have my whole career ahead of me. If I could choose my next posting it would be to a squadron to work on fast-jets such as Lossiemouth in Scotland, where they have both the Tornado and Typhoon. But for now I am more than happy travelling the world with the Red Arrows.”

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