Jack Webster, Audit Executive, Plymouth

“Trainees at Bishop Fleming are seen as the future of the firm.”

If I’m honest, the thing that surprised me the most about the AAT was that you don’t necessarily have to be amazing at maths – it’s more important that you can get on with people of all ages, enjoy problem solving and are confident enough to develop your own opinions. If that sounds like you, you should definitely consider applying.

I was considering going to University but the opportunity to gain a qualification without having to pay for it was too good to turn down! And actually, I don’t regret my decision – starting work made me grow up quickly and I learnt general life skills much more quickly than friends who had gone to Uni. You can progress quickly, I became chartered in 2011 and am now an Executive – the next step up is Manager and then I will start to manage a team of my own.

I didn’t actually think the course was that difficult but you do need good study skills as you’re training whilst working - you need to work hard and put the hours in, but it’s worth it. I’m really close to my uncle - he’s an accountant and as a child I was always impressed by his flash cars – it really gave me the motivation to work hard! I even had the opportunity to work in Australia for a while at a partner firm, before returning to Plymouth – not everyone gets to go abroad, but if you have a particular ambition, the senior members of the firm will do their best to support you to achieve it.


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