Jake Horoszczak - Apprentice Bricklayer

Name: Jake Horoszczak

Job title: Apprentice Bricklayer

Employer: Seddon Construction

Based: Tameside

Jack Horoszczak is currently in the third and final year of his bricklaying apprenticeship with Seddon Construction, a fifth-generation family construction company with four regional offices across the UK. We asked Jake about his experiences in the industry so far.

“Bricklaying is the backbone of the industry,” says Jake, “and it's the trade everyone thinks of when you say 'construction'. Every project is unique, and I’ve been lucky to experience loads of difference schemes, from schools to housing developments. I’ve gone from knowing almost nothing to mastering a trade – I even came first in the North West SkillBuild competition, and secured a place in the national final.”

What would Jake say are his favourite parts of the job? “I’m genuinely excited to get my gear on in the morning and get onto the site. I like seeing the result of my hard work; it’s so rewarding to see something you’ve contributed to as a finished product. I can point out buildings in the area I’ve worked on to friends and family, and have a little boast!”

What does Jake's average day look like? “I get onto the site I’m working on early. It’s great that I work with people who have similar interests who are easy to get along with. Mentors from Seddon are always on hand if you need advice; there’s a great balance of independence and teamwork. The apprenticeship scheme offers a nice mix of college and on-site learning, so it’s pretty varied.”

It seems as if Jake has learnt a lot of skills during his apprenticeship, but what does he consider to be the most valuable? “I think being organised is important, as is having an eye for detail. I like picturing the structure I’m tasked with building when I look at the plans, so it helps to have a bit of imagination too.”

Any words of advice to anyone who's considering the construction industry as a career choice? “Just go for it! I’ve enjoyed every minute, and it’s great to be able to get paid while you earn. If you’ve already got an interest in building or you want to learn more, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. When I started my apprenticeship I couldn’t lay a brick, and now I’m in the final of a national competition!”


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