Jamil Wallace-Williams



We are thrilled to have Jamil working with us. Everyone likes Jamil!. He is the kind of positive, diligent and deeply interested young employee that managers and tutors value.

“Before I started working for Agilisys I was involved heavily with youth work, my main goal being to create a positive change in my community. What I love about working for Agilisys is that it allows me to be flexible and manage my youth work around my working hours”.

The transition from school to the workplace can often be a challenging one, and so we ease this transition be scheduling 3-4 days of training per week during the first month of employment.

“I love the working environment at Agilisys as our apprentice advisor always challenge us and push us in stimulating ways to encourage our growth as young business men. While our advisors do push for good results they always teach at a pace that makes us feel comfortable”.

At Agilisys we value the capacity of our apprentices to question, challenge, and think creatively.

“Our natural curiosity as young people is never frowned upon and as such our always try to nudge us to ask questions that could get conversations or debates flowing”.

“While I enjoy the working environment and our advisors, what I enjoy most of all is my fellow apprentices. As the first group of apprentices employed we understand how important it is to work hard and to create a good impressions and while, we may be from different backgrounds we have bonded and work excellently as a team”.

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