Janet Fitzsimmons- Work Experience at ISS

Name: Janet Fitzsimmons

Placement: HR

Age: 15

Janet hadn’t heard of ISS before – “My school told me about this work experience placement. Before that I didn’t know ISS existed.”

Some of the roles that Janet completed were interesting, gave an insight into part of the ISS business and helped her structure her own CV – “I worked at ISS in HR. Throughout the day I emailed people and put members of ISS staff onto training courses. I also read through CV’S and emailed back with a response. Going through people’s CV’S was interesting, it gave me a clear idea about how they should be set out.”

Janet has left her ISS work experience with a broader mind on her future career options – “I would definitelyrecommend ISS for work experience. Coming here has given me another career choice. I would love to come here after I’ve left school.” Janet goes on to say - “I didn’t know ISS existed and now I know about it I recommend everyone else should too. Everything about ISS is great, it’s inspiring and you’re constantly learning new things every day.”

ISS has left a lasting impression - “ISS has inspired me to want to do more with myself. I now know I’m capable of things I’ve never tried. It has made me want to have a career, a career I wouldn’t have thought about a week before I came here. Coming here would inspire other people.”

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