Kenny Gangoso - Work Experience Placement in ISS

Name: Kenny Gangoso

Placement: Health, Safetyand Environment

Age: 15

Kenny wasn’t sure what ISS did as a company before his placement – “I found this work experience placement quite intriguing because I’ve never been in an office environment with a lot of people before. When the teachers told me that we got placed into ISS, I remembered the vans with the slogan and wondered what business they conducted.”

There were a number of roles that Kenny completed – “I found the work they do in this department rather satisfying, viewing websites and putting the required information onto anexcel spread sheet to make it easier for processing was rather enjoyable. Studying PowerPoint and Word documents created by the graduates and mentors was very interesting, it’s one of those things that I’ve never done before.”

Looking back on the experience, Kenny enjoyed it overall – “I wanted to do this work experience because I wanted to know what it was like in an office environment, I enjoyed this and I wouldn’t mind doing this kind of work in the future because I think it’s very interesting.”

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