Kieran- Assistant Accounting Apprenticeship

About me :

Hello, I am Kieran and I am on the Assistant Accounting Apprenticeship working within Tradeteam and studying towards the Level 3 AAT with the hopes and aspirations to progress on from this initial apprenticeship and go on to complete the CIMA qualification. 

Before applying to the apprenticeship scheme I studied Sociology with Criminology at Loughborough University, graduating in 2020 before taking a few months out of work and studies to figure out what career path I wanted to take.  

Why an apprenticeship ?

The reason for me choosing this apprenticeship as opposed to some grad schemes was to help provide me with a strong foundation of knowledge and experience to build upon as I progress in my career. The world of accounting and finance is a new area to me and for me it is important to have a base understanding to develop upon to help me progress in my career. 

Why did DHL Apprenticeships appeal to you?

DHL Apprenticeships appealed to me as there was an evident ability to progress and constantly develop, I could see from just looking at the company that DHL places great value on its employees and their development while also offering a great support network and additional initiatives to get involved in. 

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship? (For our Newest Apprentices this maybe a tough one to answer right now as you have just started, if you don’t want to answer this then please leave it blank)

While still being new to my role it has been great to be handed responsibility of assisting with tasks while also being given the chance to meet other apprentices working in different roles in some fun and engaging training session.

What has been your highlight so far?

So far, my highlight has been the welcome events and CSCS training. While part of this was conducted online it was still a fun and engaging welcome to the company. It highlighted to me the role DHL plays in the world, and that there is so much more to the DPDHL group than I first realised which made me really look forward to starting my role and career with DHL. I have also had a very warm welcome to my role and been made to feel welcome right from the get go which has been really nice as well.

What advice would you give to people thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

I would say apply but don’t rush into it. Make sure you understand the role you’re applying for and is it a role you would enjoy. The good thing about apprenticeships is you aren’t tied to that role for life and if you end up having a change of heart. Be sure to know what you’re applying for and the company and its values to make sure it suits what you want from an employer. And look into the different apprenticeships DHL has to offer and apply for which you think is right for you, I’m sure you won’t regret it. Good luck!