Lauren Wilson- Higher Apprenticeship in IT



Name: Lauren Wilson

Age: 19

Company: Capgemini UK plc

Apprenticeship: Higher Apprenticeship in IT

Training provider: QA

Case Study

A Higher Apprenticeship was ideal as I have always had a keen interest in ICT and wanted to gain work experience whilst studying at the same time.   I found out about apprenticeships through college and came across the Capgemini Higher Apprenticeship programme, which I thought was a fantastic opportunity and well suited for me.

I love the fact that I am gaining so much work experience and constantly learning new things every day.  I am currently working on specialising in testing for a data warehouse, however the programme also lets me experience many different aspects of Capgemini, as I can move on to different roles in the near future. 

Also, while working towards a qualification, you also grow as a person. Since starting this apprenticeship my confidence has grown and I have proved to myself that I can achieve great results by putting in the effort. It’s very challenging but worth it.

When I finish this apprenticeship, I will only be 23 years old and have 5 years work experience with a degree and no student debt.  So I think it is definitely a good way to get your ‘foot in the door’. 

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