Lily Ball on her HR Placement

Name: Lily Ball

Placement: HR UK

Age: 14

“I did my placement at ISS and my role was in Human Resources, dealing with corporate responsibility.” Lily goes on to explain her roles – “In a typical day I began by continuing with a project on competitor and client analysis, and then observed meetings about topics such as bidding for contracts and ISS’s work with The British Heart Foundation.”

It was Lily’s school career advisor, who helped her find a work experience placement with ISS. Lily’s favourite parts of the work experience included working on competitor and client analysis – “I loved working on the competitor and client analysis project as I learnt about how companies are developing. I also enjoyed sitting in the meetings as I had never been in one before so it was interesting to understand how they functioned and what sort of issues were discussed.”

Lily continues to say – “I had in mind that I wanted to deal with people and get a professional feel of what working in an office environment would be like. This would assist in whether or not I could see myself working in one in the future. When my schools careers advisor suggested a place in human recourses it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I knew it would offer me a broad perspective of how people are dealt with in work and how the business is run.”

Lily offers some sound advice to anyone about to complete work experience – “The advice I would give would be to not be afraid to ask for help and even in a working environment it’s okay to be stuck and need guidance. Also that bringing a note pad is useful as there are times I wish I would of made notes but couldn’t as I wasn’t properly equipped.”

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