Lizzie Turner Starbucks Apprentice, The Minories 20 years old

Posted: 30th of June 2014

Lizzie Turner joined Starbucks 3 months ago as an Apprentice, working in the Starbucks Minories store. Lizzie, who is 20 years old and from Dagenham, wants to run her own coffee shop one day and believes that by being part of the Starbucks Apprenticeship scheme, and gaining the qualifications in Barista Mastery and Customer Service will give her the skills she needs to do that.

Along with another 30 Apprentices, Lizzie visited Starbucks head office to see the business for herself before she started with the company. She brought her mum along so that she could also see what the company was like and be proud of what Lizzie was doing. This is Lizzie’s first job since leaving school, having completed her A-levels in English Literature in Barking in 2011.

Lizzie says: “All my life I have been a customer but being a customer at Starbucks was always different. Even if it was only a smile or asking how I was, I found the partners (employees) cared. They made an effort. I have had some of the best times of my life sitting in a Starbucks store. So, when I needed a job, it was one of the places I checked first.”

The apprenticeship scheme is a fantastic opportunity, and it’s not easy! At the end of my first month my feet ached, my back ached, I had never been so tired in my life, and I loved it. I felt, for the first time, I was doing something worthwhile.”

“I’ve always dreamt of owning my own coffee shop one day and I put this on my application to Starbucks. I was a little worried that they would reject me, but instead, they were interested in my dream and encouraged it. Through the apprenticeship I am learning all the valuable new skills I will need to run my own coffee shop.”

During the 12 month Apprenticeship, Lizzie will gain valuable and transferable qualifications, as well as shares in Starbucks, called Bean Stock, so that she can share in the company’s financial success.

About Starbucks Apprenticeship Scheme

In February 2012, Starbucks committed to delivering an Apprenticeship Scheme that gives hundreds of young people in the UK opportunities for training and employment. The Apprenticeships are open for young people over 16 years of age including school leavers, and those that have already been working or are seeking to start a new career. They will be completed over a 12 month period and involve on the job and classroom training. If the apprentices wish to stay and build a career with Starbucks they will also have the opportunity to progress to higher level apprenticeships over time.

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