MA Prosthetics & Sculpting

Study mode: Blended Learning | Location: Pinewood Studios | Duration: 1 Year | Start Date: September/October 2018

Module 1 – Historical and Critical Context

Module 2 – FX & Prosthetics Essentials

Module 3 – Advanced Prosthetics & Character Design

Module 4 – Professional & Entrepreneurial Skills

Module 5 – Final Project & Dissertation

Example module content

  • Mixing, Colouring & Casting Silicone Prosthetics
  • Application & Finishing Techniques
  • FX Sculpting (casualties & Character MU prosthetics)
  • Moulding
  • Character Skills (Bald Caps, Laying on Hair, Ageing)
  • Script Breakdown and working with script supervisors (large scale)
  • Continuityand working with script supervisors (large scale)
  • Budgeting and working with producers (large scale)

Structure Learning andAssessment

  • Duration12 months
  • LocationLondon
  • Price£12500


ThisMA Prosthetics & Sculptinghas been specifically designed by and is led by industry employers, whose credits include:Saving Private Ryan, Apocalypto, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Game of Thrones, Darkest Hour, Mad Max: Fury Road,to name a few. The MA will beentirely based at the world famous Pinewood Studios, home ofBondandStar Warsand is made up of three distinct elements:

“Packed full of cutting edge techniques and really challenging”

  • During the first term, which runs from September to December, you will work on thecore principles of top end FX Makeup, Prosthetics & Sculpting, from idea to realisation, going through some of thekey skills requiredto design and produce high-standard prosthetics and its usage for the creation of unique,one-of-a-kind charactersfor films and HETV. You will also develop knowledge on how the Makeup & Prosthetic and Sculpting department operates andworkshop & film set etiquette for large scale international productions.You will also work with bothmakeup designers and producers, to understand the ‘ins and outs’ ofpre-productionand how a proper assessment at this stage can save time, money and resources. You will develop you knowledge ofscript breakdown,budgeting,continuity,team managementandcrewing up.
  • The second term, which runs from January to April, is entirely focused on equipping you with a range of specialist and essential skills needed for developing high standard characters that could be part of any production in the UK and internationally. You will gain knowledge inCharacter Design, Bald Caps, Laying on Facial Hair, Ageing, among others.You will also develop personalentrepreneurial skillsand how to utilise them in aprofessional environment, as well as understanding about the different working options available in your field and how to present yourself to employers whether they be Heads of department, Producers, Directors or cast.
  • In the third and final term, which runs from May until August, you will work both personally and collaboratively to produce a series of unique finished results fromdesign to realisation, encompassing all elements learned during the 3 terms. You will be pre-producing and producing 2 unique characters, having to manage your own time and set up. You will have to design your characters, arrange your models, workshop space and everything that entails this job, and you will be assessed on the overall process, not just the finished result. You are also asked to realise a final Thesis on a subject of your choice that encompasses all the elements learned throughout the year.

“Just wonderful, I feel lucky and honoured to get to study here” MA Student 2018

This MA is entirelyindustry led, you will meet and learn from some of the most recognized andactively working makeup designers,FX Makeup artists, Prop Mastersandproducersin the industry. This will enable you to focus your time onbuilding contacts, while learningcutting-edge FX makeup and sculpting techniquesfor creatinguniquecharacters, sculptures and models. The MA will provide you with apractical understandingof the production ofindustry-approved techniques, as well creating pathways into the industry.

  • The UK film industry currently contributes£7.7bn to the economy(ref 1), currentlyemploying 80,000people with over30,000 new opportunitiesover the next few years(ref 2).
  • MA courses will welcome exclusive groups of18 students max. to ensure valuable contact time with tutors
  • Since incorporation in 2012 Creative Media Skills have trained crew members who have worked on many of the major international blockbuster films and high-end TV productions made in the UK such as:Star Wars The Force awakens, Rogue 1, Spectre, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, Game of Thrones, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Jurassic World 2, Star Wars the Last Jedi, Marco Polo, Outlander, Jason Bourne, Pan, Wonder Woman, Ready Player One, King Arthur legend of the Sword, Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy,Poldark, The Queen, Doctor Dolittle, Mary Poppins, Solo a Star Wars Storyto name only a name a few.

    to name a few.

Places are limited and subject to validationWHO IS THIS FOR?

Duration:One year full-time

Term dates:Please see full term and graduation dates for 2018/19 and 2019/20here

Course leaders and key speakers:Each term is led by a combination of course leaders and key speakers from our line up of industry experts.These industry experts are all keen to ‘up skill’ the new generation, and most importantly to sustain what makes the UK such a desirable place to film, our World Class crew and their standards and traditions. Ourconstantly growing bank of tutors have worked with legendary directors such as Lean, Spielberg, Fellini, Kubrick to name a few, and their knowledge is unsurpassed.

Finance:Full student loans availablesubject to eligibility

Structure: 3 semesters of 12 weeks |2 full–eight hour days per week ofclassroom study and independent learning hours.

Travel and accommodation:Studentaccommodationlocally is available along with campus facilities for those travelling from central London there are various means of travel available including shuttles.

Campus Facilities:There are a number of campus facilities available to you when enrolled onto this course such as the student union, gym, libraries and more click here formore details

Interview required:Yes

Portfolio Required:You will also need a high quality portfolio according to the course guidelines as part of your application

We welcome applications from mature students with non-standard qualifications and recognise all other equivalent and international qualifications

Entry criteria

You should have the equivalent of aBritish Honours degree(2:1 minimum) in a relevant subject.If you do not have any formal academic qualifications but do have experience in the industryand previous training in a relevant area, we will consider your application on an individual basis. We are very open to those who show relevant experience useful to the degree.

We are happy to consider equivalent qualifications from anywhere in the world.

If English is not your first language an IELTS score of 6.0 or equivalent when you start the course is essential.

Career Opportunities:Prosthetics Supervisor / Prosthetics Technician / Senior Prosthetics Artist / Prosthetic Artist /Junior Prosthetic Artist /Make-Up Designer /Make- Up Supervisor /Make-up Artist / Prosthetic Supervisor / Make-up Assistant / Crowd Supervisor

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