Mario Gintili - Economics Student to Junior Developer at Show My Homework

"Since graduation my life is much better. I have good job prospects with growth opportunities."

What were you doing before joining Makers Academy?

I was an economics student, working as a waiter and an intern.

What made you want to start learning to code in the first place?

I worked at a software company. Software seemed like something that conveyed countless transferrable skills, not to mention I always loved building things.

What did you find difficult during the course?

Applying myself consistently for 3 months was hard.

What happened during/after graduation and where are you job-wise?

I worked as a contractor for a month, then received a full-time offer from a different company, although the first one made an offer as well.

How has your life changed since graduation?

It's all better, good job prospects with growth opportunities.

What advice would you give to people thinking of changing career?

Bear in mind that there's going to be people a lot more trained than you are, but small efforts make big differences.

What was your biggest worry before joining Makers Academy and how do you feel about it now?

That I won't be able to get a job afterwards and being completely lost but that didn't happen at all.

What advice would you give to people interviewing for developer roles?

Sometimes the right answer just won't come in time. It's okay to fail an interview, no one is consistently good in this profession.

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