Michael Lavender - Software Solutions Installer

Posted: 20th of December 2017 by Anonymous

NAME: Michael Lavender

AGE: 26

JOB TITLE: Software Solutions Installer

My name is Mike, and I’m 26 years old. I used to work for Starbucks and I wanted to get into the IT industry, my father in law told me to hand my CV into Bam Nuttall to see if they would give me some Experience. So I did and got an interview with Andy who is the ICT support manager, and explained to him what I knew and what qualifications I had, from then we arranged for me to come in every Friday to do free Work experience with the ICT Support Team.

The benefits of my Experience was I got in business experience and what it was like to work in a office environment, it helped me expand my knowledge further and to know what is was like on a day to day basis, after 10 weeks or 10 Fridays of doing work experience they offered me a temp contract of 3 months.

I was hired to be a Software Solutions Installer which means I process software to users and install them for the user at the same time as making sure software is working correctly for users, I also have connections with some of the software companies for extra support if needed. I also do testing around a program called SCCM, or Software Centre which allows software to be pushed to user’s machines and install in the background without the help of IT having to jump on the machine and install it manually for the user.

I am currently studying Programming at the same time as working here as I would like to instead of just install software I would like to know how to build software and become part of the development team or to become a full Software Consultant for the business. I started on a 3 month contract but it has been renewed twice now and I have been with Bam Nuttall for 9 months.

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