Miguel Diogo- Landscaping / Corporate Clients Placements

Name: Miguel Diogo

Placement: Landscaping / Corporate Clients

Age: 15

“I was initially placed in landscaping, handling the checks and uploading the invoices, I was then moved into the corporate clients team; here i worked on some graphic design for projects they had on going.” Miguel’s roles included the following – “In a typical day I would be asked to do some graphic design, on the second day I was set a big project, this was an article for the monthly magazine.” Commitment was shown by Miguel to complete work – “I usually worked from 9 till 4-5 but on the Thursday I stayed till 6 to finish off a project.”

Miguel really enjoyed his experience with ISS – “I cannot mention one specific thing I have loved because I have loved every second of being here, this was because of the peoplein the offices being so friendly and welcoming. I was set graphic design work and this is my favourite hobby that I do outside of school. I was more than satisfied when I was put into graphics. I did a massive project for the ISS monthly magazine the double page spread, I made this along with Callum and it will be in the upcoming magazine this was so much fun. To think that a lot of people will be reading and seeing visually what I have made is such a rewarding feeling and I would love to do this in the future.”

Miguel offers some advice – “The best advice I can give someone going into work experience is socialise when appropriate and come into work experience with a good attitude. Lastly strive to do your best and the rewards will be obvious.”

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