Ïmogen's Story- WSP Apprenticeships

Posted: 30th of November 2018 by megan@notgoingtouni.co.uk

Ïmogen's biggest influence on her decision to go into Business Administration was her Mum. She may not have gone to University and studied at 18, but she taught her to be patient and only go for something when she's ready.

Ïmogen's Story- WSP Apprenticeships

Why I chose an Apprenticeship

Doing an apprenticeship and joining WSP were the best decisions I’ve ever made for my career.  After school, I knew I didn’t want to go to University because I didn’t enjoy that way of being given information, I wanted to learn through working. I joined WSP in October 2016 in the Project Management team as a Business Administration Apprentice. From the beginning, the support I received from my team, my Line Manager and Location Director was phenomenal; I had so much responsibility from managing weekly / monthly reports for Senior colleagues, attending meetings for our biggest schemes and assisting the Finance Manager with invoicing, purchase orders and financial reports.


My influences

The biggest influence on my decision to go into Business Administration was my Mum. She studied business while I was asleep in my pushchair, she graduated with a degree in Business and Human Resources Management while my sister and I were in Primary School and she went on to be a Personal Assistant to the Head of Human Resources at a local hospital. She may not have gone to University and studied at 18, but she taught me to be patient and only go for something when I’m ready. Thanks to her, I didn’t make a mistake by rushing to uni and studying a course that would have no relevance to my career choices now.


My career with WSP

I began my career doing a Level 2 Apprenticeship and thanks to hard work, support and recognition, I moved straight onto a Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship and I’m a mentor for a new apprentice in our team. The best thing about working for WSP has to be the opportunities; there is no such thing as a dead end when it comes to working in a company with so many potential pathways. I personally know someone who started at WSP in Business Administration, who is now an Undergraduate Transport Planner. The possibilities are endless, and with the support of your Line Manager, you’re able to achieve many things.


My advice

The best advice I could give someone who’s unsure about what to do after school is to be patient – don’t rush! In 2019 I’ll be 22 – I started a Level 2 Apprenticeship at 19 and I started a University course at the same age that most of my friends were graduating. Don’t let age be a factor, and don’t let anyone put pressure on you to do something you’re not certain about. Thankfully, my Mum supported my choice and I knew friends that did Apprenticeships too – talk to someone if you need support and good luck!

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