My Apprenticeship Journey- Samiul Choudhury - Former apprentice

Life after the scheme

Sam started the level 3 engineering apprenticeship scheme in 2015 and is now a Senior Technical Officer based in London.

We found out more about his experience as an apprentice with Network Rail

Why did you choose an apprenticeship with Network Rail?

"After completing my A-levels I was in two minds about whether or not to go to university or straight in to working but decided to explore apprenticeship opportunities. I wanted an apprenticeship with a well-established engineering employer".

What made you apply?

"I explored the career paths you can pursue on the scheme along with profiles of previous apprentices - it was a no brainer".

What was a particularly positive experience during your apprenticeship training?

"A positive experience would be that of meeting new people and making friends that you know you'll be in contact with for a

long time. I also really enjoyed learning new skills and gaining confidence".

Did you have any negative experiences?

"I wouldn't say that there were any negative experiences. It does take time to adjust to not being around your family whilst training at Westwood though".

No looking back

Can you tell us more about your journey since completing the scheme?

"3 years sounds like a long time but when I look back, it's clear that the time has flown by. During the apprenticeship programme there is always something new to learn and you're surrounded by teams and individuals who are willing to support you.

I completed the scheme in June 2018 and secured a permanent position only 2 months later. I'm now a Senior Technical Officer as part of the track team at the London Bridge Depot and I'm really enjoying it!

I feel that the Engineering Apprenticeship scheme with Network Rail is one of the best apprenticeship programmes available. It

gives you a great foundation and there is continuous support along the way to make sure you get the most from yourself and secure that role you've been working so hard for".