Naomi's story

Posted: 26th of January 2018 by Naomi Bourne

“As I studied law I knew very little about the ins and outs of logistics when I joined. But the great thing about logistics is that it doesn’t matter. Everyone is very down to earth and it’s easy to pick up the process and technical terms."

"Logistics is all about understanding the small things and seeing how they impact on the bigger picture. You quickly learn about the network and operations while building your people management skills so you can become a team manager at the end of the 12 months.



There’s also a strong focus on personal responsibility and you get the chance to work on projects and even present to the leadership team. It’s completely different to uni.

You can’t do lots of studying and research before coming to conclusions. Logistics is too fast paced for that! It’s all about learning on-the-job, being confident enough to go for it and making informed decisions. But you won’t be asked to do something before you’re ready."

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