Natalie's story

Posted: 26th of January 2018 by Naomi Bourne

“I started by spending a few fantastic months in store. Here I learnt the ins and outs of being a duty manager. And I threw myself into managing different departments."

"I faced plenty of new challenges and learnt a great deal from the people around me. The managers were brilliant and encouraged me to do well. At Christmas, I even managed our busy seasonal aisle and our customer order programme as part of a small team.

I then went on to join the local solutions team at Head Office where I’ve had lots of business exposure. I also presented to our directors who gave me some great feedback.

I feel really lucky to have come on board. I currently manage student and ethnic events, including Ramadan, Eid and Diwali. I work with colleagues across our business to get the offer right in the stores where it matters most for our customers. I've been handed so much responsibility in both of my roles so far and the opportunities at Morrisons seem to keep on coming.”

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