Pritam's incredible journey at Atkins

Pritam Bhojani, Civil Engineering Degree Apprentice, is one of the 2020 BAME apprentice finalists, in the construction services category. #InsideAtkins caught up with him to learn about his incredible journey so far.


My apprenticeship got my career off to an excellent start.


Upon completing my A-levels I decided to pursue a degree apprenticeship in Civil Engineering as opposed to going down the traditional university route. I am happy to say I have never looked back since.

What an incredible journey it has been.  I am eternally grateful for the dynamic opportunities my degree apprenticeship has exposed me to at such an early stage in both my academic and work career. Since embarking on my apprenticeship over a year ago, the experiences and the skills that I have learnt and continuously put into practice have moulded me into the young industrious professional that I am today.

I have been allowed to follow my interests.

Since starting at Atkins, I have worked on large scale multi-disciplinary infrastructure projects across the UK such as Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf Crossing and Sizewell C – Enabling Works. Working on these high-profile projects gave me the opportunity to work with the Global Design Centre in India to produce models that heavily utilise BIM (Building Information Modelling). I also relished the responsibility to undertake and oversee the production and review of drawings. My performance on these projects was recognised by senior engineers due to the high quality and the delivery of my work.

A chance to try out some exciting technologies


Having excelled in my last project, I was specifically chosen by one of the senior civil engineers to work on Feltham Re-Signalling, taking on the role of an Assistant Engineer. Working on this project has allowed me to delve deeper and gain a greater insight into the modernisation of old railway infrastructure. As an Assistant Engineer I have been responsible for designing fundamental structures that keep the railway safe and moving. Due to the added complexity and the engineering challenges faced on this project, it has allowed me to pick up great technical knowledge from some of the most experienced engineers within the industry. As well as becoming an engineer, I have recently been liaising with Atkins’ Equality Diversity & Inclusivity network to become a link between the network and the apprentice community. This has especially been prioritised since the recent Black Lives Matter movement.


Skills that have made me ready for the world of work.

Prior to starting my apprenticeship, I would have never dreamed of been given the abundance of opportunities and responsibilities I have encountered and proudly accomplished thus far.

I encourage everyone who is approaching their GCSEs or A-levels to simply spend a few minutes researching the wide range of apprenticeship roles available to students today. 

To earn whilst both obtaining a degree and acquiring knowledge from the working world is an exciting and invaluable way to jump-start your career.