Royal Air Force Avionics Technician

Polly - Avionics Technician

My Role

I am an Avionics Technician on a busy Typhoon squadron. I help maintain an array of complex systems, including RADAR, Communications and Armament Control System Fault Finding and Testing.

I carry out avionic and electrical fault finding, testing and rectification, electrical cabling and connector rectifications. When the Typhoon needs to fly, I see it off and back in again, carrying out a series of checks and tests. I am also competent in flight-line servicing, both before and after the flights. I’ve been given lots of training by the RAF to do my job, including an apprenticeship in NVQ Level 3 Aeronautical Engineering.

I chose to do my apprenticeship with the RAF because of a whole host of reasons; you get paid a full wage whilst you are completing your training, no 2 days in the job are the same, there are always new things to learn as technology is always improving. We are able to move postings every 3 to 5 years or on promotion, and lastly, I wanted to have a secure pension when I leave.

My Life in the RAF

I live in the block during the week and travel home every weekend. During the week I have plenty of time to go to the gym after work and socialise with my friends. Each camp has lots of gym facilities that can be used almost any time of the day, including: Astro-turf pitches, indoor squash courts, outdoor tennis courts, weights bays, cardio-vascular suites, rugby and football pitches and high/low ropes courses. This career is a great opportunity to meet and make lifelong friends. Social events happen all the time, getting different sections from across the station together, and there’s always the Spar, mess, café, bar, lounge, and church.

Joining the RAF has given me the ability to go to places that I would of never have been able to go to, I have had the opportunity to do adventure training and sports that I wouldn’t of been able to do if I wasn’t in the RAF. I have met and made so many good friends throughout my career and, no matter what camp I go to, I’ll know people across the RAF. I have made several life long friends and what we experience together in the RAF makes our friendships stronger. Pushing myself to be the best I can be, but having people who believe in my abilities helps a lot.

Joining as an apprentice is a great way to get qualifications while working on some of the best aircraft in the world. The training is brilliant as you get general training at RAF Cosford before getting specialised on an aircraft type once you’re at your first unit. Living in the block has given me a brilliant chance to save my money, and I am now in the position to be able to buy my own house.

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