Ryan - Smart Energy Expert at British Gas

What are the best bits about your job?

In a typical week I meet lots of different people, and that’s what I really enjoy. My team are also a great support to me, and it is great when we have a team meeting where we can all meet up and discuss some of the scenarios we come up against. Another great thing is that the company really looks after you.

Did you always want to do this as your job?

No, I actually started off as a civil engineer, but the role involved too much travelling. I then started with British Gas doing door to door sales which was quite a tough job, and then whilst I worked for the company I heard about the Apprentice Smart Energy expert roles so I decided to apply - and here I am!

What subjects did you love at school?

I enjoyed Maths, English and Science the most, and they all related to both civil engineering and my role now with British Gas. I also enjoyed sport, and I played football for the Walsall youth team until the age of 17/18 where I met Paul Merson, who actually managed Walsall for a little while!

What training or courses did you do to become aSmart Energy Expert?

For this role I trained at the British Gas academy full time Monday to Friday. The Academy was great and the trainers were very helpful. It was a learning curve for all of us as Smart Metering was brand new to British Gas, but they were always professional. As the business has developed, the training is now really structured and delivers great results. I can see this in the new people who have joined our team; they are really well prepared for the role. The company also put people up in a hotel Monday to Friday on a bed, breakfast and evening meal basis whilst they were in training if it was too far to travel into the academy every day. As I said earlier, they really look after you.

How easy was it to get a job after your course ended?

A member of my family worked for British Gas and they told me about the sales role I originally had, but once you’re in the company, you hear about all the opportunities available.

What advice would you give someone who wants to do your job?

Take the application and assessment day seriously. Don’t be frightened to ask questions - it shows you are interested in the company. Most of all, enjoy it, it’s a new experience! If anyone is interested in this role, I would just say go for it, it’s a great company with great benefits.

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