Sam Beckett- Electrical Engineering Apprentice

The opportunity to combine practical experience in the workplace while studying for a qualification at college had always appealed to electrical engineering apprentice Sam Beckett.

The 19 year old football fanatic heard about the apprenticeship through a family friend working for Hewlett Packard.

Initially, unsure of his career path, the role has affirmed his interest in electrical data centre work and specifically the development of ideas around saving energy.

“At the moment, I‘m enjoying learning about different systemsand why they work the way they do. I’m now gaining more understanding about the way the site runs,” said Sam.

“I understand that I have the opportunity to build a really strong CV for the future and later in life I would like to travel around the world viewing other data centres or getting involved with offshore work specific to industrial electrics.”

As well as offering invaluable on the job training and experience, the role has also expanded his social and presentation skills through regular interaction with a wide range of people.

Such is his enthusiasm for apprenticeships, Sam believes even when an opportunity may not result in a permanent role within the company, there is still value for the individual concerned.

“I have advised many of my friends at college to start looking for apprenticeships and would recommend to any young person to get involved,” he said.

“Even if you are not fortunate enough to be taken on by the company your apprenticeship is with, you gain a really strong CV and experience within a working atmosphere which will alwaysbe helpful.”

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