Samantha Bird - Finance Work Placement

Samantha completed her work placement within the finance department of ISS, Samantha gained a better understanding of an office environment – “I gained lots of experience from this work placement. I really liked the fact that Peter gave us lots to do instead of us just watching him do his work. This was helpful as I now know what working in an office would be like as I was given lots of work.”

Choosing the finance department was a good choice by Samantha – “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as my work experience, but I am very glad I chose to do it in the finance department of ISS. I have learnt lotsof new skills and the team were very friendly.” ISS has helped Samantha get over her shy nature – “I used to be very shy and also found joining secondary school very hard as I didn’t know anyone there. However the school and ISS were extremely friendly and I have gained masses of confidence, I am now a prefect and hope I can help other students struggling with confidence issues to overcome it and be successful.”

Samantha’s advice for future students is as follows – “I would say that they should be prepared for hard work and be interested in the job because being interested is key to enjoying and learning from work experience.”

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